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The NBHSA was formed over 20 years ago by several concerned people who wanted to ensure continuous improvement of the home support industry, in order to attain this they set lofty goals. They were; to establish a communications network among home support providers, to set up liaison with other health care organizations, to educate New Brunswickers about the Home Support Worker profession, to develop and promote service and training standards for home support in NB, to act as a consultant to government and all individuals and organizations on issues related to home support, to study and recommend action to improve legislation and policy that affects home support, to standardize terminology and study the cost effectiveness of the home support industry, to approach government with concerns about home support services for New Brunswickers and to provide educational opportunities for all with regards to the home support industry.

The goals our founders established are as true today as they were then. Using these goals as guidelines NBHSA members strive for improvement of the industry every day. Although we may never achieve perfection, improvements have and continue to be made. All New Brunswickers can be part of this process of continuous improvement. With determination and by working together we will create the best home support industry in Canada.


The New Brunswick Home Support Association works towards advancing the home and community care industry by promoting quality care in the home environment through education, collaboration and advocacy.


To be the leading resource
and unified voice
for home support services
in New Brunswick.

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